Canoeing the Sunshine Coast EH!
British Columbia, Canada

The Sunshine Coast offers many miles of wandering rivers, creeks and streams emptying into numerous pristine lakes and into the ocean. Because of the high number of lakes found in the Sunshine Coast area it has created numerous waterway routes connecting the lakes to the ocean establishing many popular paddles therrfore crowning the Sunshine Coast as an prime canoe destination.

There are many various launching points on the rivers and on the many lakes in the region for a canoe adventure. Many launching areas are accessed by logging roads with a few exceptions accessed from parks and paved roads.

The option to go for a leisure day paddle or, for the more adventurous canoeist, an all out long -haul multi day canoe expedition are all available on the Sunshine Coast. There are some remote canoe routes to explore with wilderness camping and portage work challenging the most experienced adventurer.

Sunshine Coast Canoe Routes

Powell Forest Canoe Route
Mowat Bay
Haywire Bay