Golfing the Sunshine Coast, EH
British Columbia, Canada

Golfing the Sunshine Coast is a very popular year round recreational activity in the area attracting all levels of golfers. The Golf Course selection is varied from the Par 3 courses designed for working on the chip shot and putting to the challenging 18 hole golf courses that will challenge your golf handicap and long ball.

The Golf Courses on the Sunshine Coast take advantage of the beautiful scenery with many courses being played under the watchful shadows of looming mountains and forests. Often, visitors arrive unannounced on the golf courses like deer, elk and the Bald Eagles soaring overhead.

The golfing experience is always enriched with the help of the local golf shops, restaurants, putting greens and driving ranges. Do make sure to book a tee time online as courses do fill up fast in the peak seasons.

Golf Courses are listed under the various community sections on this website under the activities area. From there pick a golf course and book a tee time.