Road Cycling the Sunshine Coast EH!
British Columbia, Canada

Most of the Sunshine Coast road cycling route is along the main 101 Hwy. The cycling route is an up and down route passing through many of the villages on the Sunshine Coast. The roads are mostly ocean view all the way , with some areas cycling under looming forest cover and coastal mountain shadows.

Many groups of cyclist arrive to the Sunshine Coast via the BC Ferry and follow Hwy 101 from Langdale, BC to Lund, BC, a 139 km (87 mi.) stretch of Highway.

The route is ideal as it is a simple route to follow, not that you should not plan on taking some of the many scenic side routes available on this coastline.

Pack the bike bags, spare tire, and the rest of your biking gear and come to Sunshine Coast exploring communities, sandy beaches, art galleries, seaside villages and wildlife.