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Saltery Bay, BC : Sweetwater hiking, biking trail
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Sweetwater Trail, BC, Canada is found on the top portion of the Sunshine Coast centrally located between the communities of Powell River and Saltery Bay, BC. The trail route is an easy grade adventure consisting of mostly trekking through forests of ferns, moss and Hemlock trees. The loop trail covers about 7 km (4.1 mi.) crossing over bridges, following the Sweetwater Creek and visiting with beautiful cascading waterfalls.

The Sweetwater Trail should not take more than 2 hours to complete depending on the amount of breaks taken to admire the waterfalls and have a picnic. The trailhead starting point is marked with a Sweetwater Trail Forest Sign. From there it is a short 1.6 km (1 mi.) hike to the creek and your first water fall, MacGregor Falls.

Follow the tree markers to the logging road and turn left and then take a right before the bridge. From here keep trekking until you reach the summit and your next waterfall, Donelly Falls. Continue the hike, straight on through, passing over a bridge at Washout Creek. Here you will come across the trailhead leading to Blackwater Trail.

Mountain bikers should stay on the rail bed and complete the trail counter clockwise, so not to disturb the forest environment and stay off the hiking trails.

Access to Sweetwater Trail: From Saltery Bay follow Hwy 101 north for about 23 km (14 mi.) and turn onto Duck Lake Road toward the interior of BC. Follow Duck Lake Road for 11 km (7 mi.) to Duck Lake and then take a right over the bridge and continue on for 3.5 km (2 mi.) to the first junction and steer left. Just up the road is the pull out. Here you park and begin trekking.

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