Scuba Diving the Sunshine Coast EH!
British Columbia, Canada

The Sunshine Coast has long been recognized as a top scuba diving destination. The many coves, bays, islets and islands provide some unique underwater landscapes providing the ecological ingredients necessary for some spectacular marine wildlife to flourish and creating unbelievable diving experiences. A scuba divers theme park per say.

The coastal waters is home to some of BC's colourful marine wildlife like sea anemones, Salmon, sponges, crab, sea lions, seals, flat fish, wolf eels, octopus, six gilled sharks and killer whales.

The Sunshine Coast region is known for its good diving visibility especially in the winter months. Many scuba divers arrive every year to the Sunshine Coast to explore the underwater caves, shipwrecks and statues.

Scuba Diving
Upper Sunshine Coast:

Copeland Islands Marine Park
Mermaid Cove

Saltery Bay Park
Savary Island
Harmony Islands Marine Park

Scuba Diving
Lower Sunshine Coast:

Francis Point Marine Park
Coopers Green
Sargeant Bay