5 Amazing Birds of British Columbia

British Columbia is an untouched great wildlife and natural resource. The birds here are of very rare species. Tourists come here to bird watch and sightseeing of such abundance. Bird watchers catch their mere glimpse. Not just one variety of birds are available but more varieties of bird species you can get here to watch. You can see their daily life struggles in order to survive in the limited space. 

The following is the list of such birds of British Columbia :

1. Red breasted Sapsucker

Red Breasted Sapsucker is a vibrant small woodpecker found in the west Coast of Mountains. They mostly feed on tree saps. An anticoagulant is found in their saliva. It helps them to fed as the sap flows and allows them to feed many times. Thus the bird should not agan chisel the holes. You can find them at the stands of Bigleafmaple and western hemlock in lower elevation forests. 

Sometimes the area’s hummingbirds too take advantage of it. And they feed from this energy rich food source from the tree.

2. White tailed Ptarmigan

It is the awesome mountain bird and has  a rarer species. In high mountains White tailed Ptarmigan is found. It is the most cryptic bird as their feathers have very similar texture and color like mountains.  Thus it’s very difficult to find and watch them. The best place to search for them is the area in alpine where herbaceous plants and lichens grow.During the summers, they feed on insects, small alpine plants, fruits and leaves. 

But during winter they bury themselves in the snow in order to protect themselves from the cold.

Also, during summer, if you are trekking towards Gondola up Whistler, or blackcomb mountains you may get a chance to view them. 

3. Tufted Puffin

Tufted Puffin found in the British Columbia’s Rocky coasts. It is one of the comical looking seabirds. For breeding, they select cliffs and islands to protect from predators.They need soft soil for breeding so that they can dig nesting burrows.

During winter their clan comes out to the sea and spends their time at the coast. 

4. Great Grey Owl

Grey Owl is one of the massive in height and spectacular in looks. It is an incredible bird found in British columbia. People get eager to watch such owls through their bird watching journey in British Columbia. It is the world’s largest owl by length. These owls are mostly active in mornings and evenings. And sleeps at night time. Such birds are called Crepuscular. Some people have noticed them while hunting during the day. 

However they have small claws to hunt their prey, despite having massive size. They basically hunt rodents and voles. They have very sharp eyesights. Also they can smell their hunt buried into snow several feets deep. 

5. Black Oystercatcher

It is the visible hunting bird found in small groups. They can be found easily on the sea coast. Avoid sandy beaches to watch them, you will find them at low tide. As a tourist visitor or a bird watcher you need to move to West Vancouver, Victoria and Howe Sound to look at them. They feed on mussels and limpets. 

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