Top 10 Most Amazing Destinations to Visit in British Columbia

British Columbia is a beautiful province, calm, and serene. And full of natural abundance. 

Its natural beauty lures people and the wildlife. It has diverse wildlife along with the dazzling urban population. British Columbia has many destinations which are not mention in the below list. They are Glacier National park, Gwaii Haanas National Park Reserve, Kootenay National Park, Manning Provincial Park, and Mount Robson Provincial Park. And the Pacific Rim National Park, Salt Spring Island, Tatshenshini-Alsek Provincial Park, and Yoho National Park. Many destinations are outside of the cities and no public transportation is available for that.

Visiting British Colombia 

You need to have your own vehicle or just buy it from a rental showroom. By the way, renting a car is the most popular option for wandering over BC. Although there are some bus services, they are not on the actual timings. During winter, traveling through a rented vehicle can be very expensive as well as hazardous. Be sure to pump the vehicle full if you are traveling through it. You need to follow the road rules and the provincial laws. You need to have available cash amounts in your pockets as some pump stations do not accept credits and wallets. So plan your whole journey beforehand.

Here are the following destinations which are regards as the most amazing spots to visit in BC –

1. Whistler

It is given name for the furry marmots that whistle like deflating balloons, this gabled alpine village is one of the world’s largest, best equipped and most popular ski resorts. There is the summit of two legendary mountains, Whistler and Blackcomb are connected by the Peak. The peak Gondola that gives more terrain. There are no much terrain anywhere else on the continent to skiers.

2.  Pacific Rim National Park

One in a magnificent seven of BC national parks. Pacific Rim is replete with wave whipped beaches and brooding forests, most of them far from civilization. It consists of three sections : Long beaches which is home to flawless beaches, the west coast trail which is an epic multi day hike and the Broken Group Islands which is a kayaker’s paradise.

3. Vancouver

Wherever you go in Vancouver you have the chance to capture a glimpse of Pacific Ocean. If you’re shopping on Robson street or exploring historic Gas town in the city. You will see the pacific ocean and practically reach out to it. Vancouver’s central park is name a Stanley Park having a Vancouver Aquarium. Along with that you can ride a bike and walk around the Seawall. You can see the totem poles at Brockton Point.

4. Alaska Highway

Driving on the Alaska highway is an awesome experience. The historic route consists of the towering Rocky mountains. Through a few hundred miles the scenery is pristine wilderness like it is virtually untouched. There’s a possibility to see huge herds of bison roaming alongside the roads or crossing the highways of Alaska. You can see the bighorn sheep along the highway side and possibly mountain goats, moose and bears around the area.

5. Canadian Rockies

The Canadian rocky peaks are covered with snow on the tip of the peak. It is a great blend of towering, snow capped peaks along with clear lakes cascading waterfalls. You can see the dense evergreen forests along the British Columbia/ Alberta border. The untouched natural abundance shows how the mother earth was like in early half billion years ago. A UNESCO world heritage site is globally significant because of the Burgess Shale fossil site. 

It has minute earth details and it is a fascinating site for the explorer. 

6. Haida Gwaii

Haida Gwaii has amazing natural beauty with hot springs, and some of the continents best for kayaking. The rugged archipelago encompasses Moresby and 137 smaller islands at its southern end.The World heritage site combines a time capsule look at abandoned Haida village.

The Unesco World heritage site is steeped in the ancient culture of the Haida first Nation.

7. Victoria

Victoria is British Columbia’s dynamic capital city and it is located on Vancouver Island. It is well known for its amazingly maintain gardens, and its boats. They have more cycling paths. And not many other Canadian city has compare to Victoria. This city offers a seamless mix of the past and the present. The magnetic Inner harbour serves as the hub of Victoria. 

8. Sea to sky Gondola

There are few places in Canada where there are no more top station of Squamish’s spectacular Gondola.

Sea to sky Gondola is an electric automatic rope way that runs on warm summer’s evening with 7.5 km ascent  under your belt. The top offers amazing views. It overlooks the turquoise waters of Howe Sound and the room-long sky pilot suspension bridge.

9. Great Bear Rainforest

The planet’s largest intact coastal temperate rainforest. The Great Bear is a revered and protected wilderness area. It is refer to as the Amazon of the North. This is the only place you can see the rare bear species known as Kermode. It is a black bear species. There are about just 400 of them in the wild.

10. Okanagan valley

Okanagan valley is 180km approximately. It is home to orchards of peaches and apricots, and scores of excellent wineries whose vines spread across the terraced hills. The area is surrounded with sparkling lakes and soft sandy beaches. This epic scenery provides a perfect landscape for various recreational activities for young and the elder ones.

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