British Columbia Wildlife and Nature

About Nature of British Columbia

It has vast and dense forest areas among the mountain areas. Having purest water and air quality.  There are many mountain ranges and various coastline. The climate of British Columbia changes very dynamically across the province. The environment is  sometimes warmer and at night colder as per the climatic effects on it. Thus nature of British Columbia has tremendous natural resources. The origin of the mild climate is in Kuroshio current.The coastal southern Columbia has a mild, sometimes rainy oceanic climate. As it is influenced by the North Pacific Current. 

The average annual rainfall is 6903mm. And it showers on the Hucuktlis lake on Vancouver Island. But some parts of the Columbia are declared or classified as having a warmer climate as we see in the summers. The warmest climate in Canada is in Victoria. It has an average annual temperature of 11.2 degrees Celsius. The most populated area of the province has the mildest climate that is up to 12 degrees Celsius.

Some of the interior or depth valleys have semi-arid nature. The semi-arid climate is because of successive mountain ranges which get blocked. The annual precipitation in certain locations receives less than 250 mm.  Southern columbia valleys have short winters with cold or heavy snowfall. They are very cold because of high altitude and latitude. The roads are very foggy and colder to drive on, the conditions sometimes become more slippery for vehicles to move from there. The one of the coldest regions recorded in Northern America is -58.9 degrees Celsius. 

About Wildlife of British Columbia

People in British Columbia are lucky to have abundant wildlife resources. They have untouched nature. But with the heavy pressure on resource extraction, this high flora and fauna natural resources is depleting fast. With logging, mining, gas and oil investigation all of nature is under danger. Because of this destruction, certain types of creatures were previously has record on the jeopardised list. 

British Columbia in Canada has 308 more unique species than other provinces. So they have major responsibility on them to protect the spices from human made destructions as well as natural calamities. This region has a history of a few thousands years of geographical as well as natural climatic blessings. The region remained icefree thus allowing the species to live there.

Thus the wild life creatures are restrict to a small land area with a small population. So this part is a must to get under natural resource protection in Columbia. About 90% of animals and plant spices are vulnerable to extinction. Such locations where the species are being restrict to their population need to be search. And a special act needs to be form with the levels of government for their conservation laws. Thus it is a very urgent responsibility of the British Columbia people to act accordingly, otherwise they will lose the rich natural abundance that many provinces don’t have.

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