The 10 Best Places To Live In British Columbia

British Columbia is the third most populous country of Canada. It has very beautiful natural scenery. Nature is blessed with lush rainforests, lakes, coastal waters and high mountains. It is Canada’s most beautiful province. Whether you’re fond of shopping, hiking and skiing you can get here.

Here are the 10 Best places to live in British Columbia

1. Vancouver 

Vancouver’s atmosphere is good for raising a family, for job purposes and for retirement. It is the coastal seaport city on the mainland of British Columbia, Canada. Vancouver frequently ranks highly as one of the world’s most stable cities. It is surrounded by water and has mildest climate with respect to any other Canadian cities. It makes a better option for Asian immigrants to live forever or settle here as Canadian citizens. The coastline offers an amazing natural view of mountains, rivers, great beaches, hiking trails and snow sports. The average salary of Vancouver resident is 

About $60000 CAD per year. Cost of living is more expensive here.

2. Whistler 

The Whistler atmosphere is good for retirement and for job life too. They have good healthcare and education facilities. It covers its land with beautiful mountain vistas, ancient forests, fresh lakes, fresh air and rivers. It is the resort of 13000 residents. Whistler has very unique and memorable destinations. The total tourist population that comes to visit whistle is about 15 million per year. They enjoy snowboarding, alpine skiing, mountain biking, and camping. The average salary of a Whistler resident is about $50000 CAD per year. Here unemployment stands at 4%. 

3. Surrey 

 Surrey’s atmosphere is good for educational purposes, retirement and for job life. It has a growing population of about 600,000. The crime rate is low and the climate is temperate. That’s why it is good to settle here for retirement. Surrey is a green city and 7% of the population go for job travels or public transit. About 6% of the population works in health care. It has provided thousands of jobs in the field of agriculture, and arts. It is not a cheap city for living and can be considered for living by many. Surrey is very good option for living if you have budget plan in Canada.

4. Nelson 

Nelson’s atmosphere is good for retirement and for real estate business. This city offers some of the best living conditions in the province. The community in this province is supportive, accepting and welcoming. Nature is very abundant that only 10000 people are living here. Retirement wise this is the tenth best place to retire and stay here. Nelson has low average property taxes. The climate is warm and the temperature is above freezing for 260 days per year.

5. Squamish 

Squamish’s atmosphere is good to raise a family, more jobs are available. Has an affordable cost of living. This city consists of only 21000 people. The environment here is calm and beautiful. People from high cost living societies are coming back to the Squamish as the living is affordable. And to stay along with the surrounding of natural resources. It has a family friendly atmosphere with great proximity to nature.. Squamish has a low crime rate and bets on the kids education system. It is an ideal place to raise your kids here.

6. Fort St. John 

Fort St. John’s atmosphere is good for more job opportunities and affordable cost of living. It is located in the northern side of British Columbia. The city’s fate is based on the gas and oil industries. It consists of 30000 people. This city has a great work life balance culture. And the community is good and helpful to new immigrants. It is the warm and sunniest climate in the province, for the most in the winter and spring. 

7. Colwood 

Colwood’s atmosphere is good for all kinds of basic needs and activities. It is the fastest growing family friendly seaside community with 18000 people. This city has a rich heritage with various recreational opportunities. It has a diverse natural ecosystem and national historic sites. Employment opportunities are growing rapidly as the population and businesses grow. Colwood’s population is highly educated and has a higher median income with respect to other neighbouring communities. 

8. Kamloops 

Kamloops’s atmosphere is good for education facilities, job opportunities and affordable cost of living. It is the city of relaxed lifestyle, climate is warmer, and has a mixed landscape of forests. Abundant with natural resources like lakes, rivers, mountains and valleys. It offers businesses in the sector of healthcare, high tech and financial services. It has the presence of Thompson university, the largest in British Columbia. The Kamloops environment is natural and friendly.

9. Kelowna 

Kelowna’s atmosphere is good and friendly for newcomers. It has more job opportunities.

It is a beautiful palace of wineries and stunning vistas. Its atmosphere feels like vacation central with a number of great resorts and amenities. Activities like boating, hiking, biking, and skiing are popular in Kelowna. The most favorable industry sector here is the service industry. Job market is rapidly growing in Kelowna.

10. Saanich 

Saanich’s atmosphere is good for raising a family, has good education facilities and more jobs are available. It is known as the largest municipality in the Great Victoria area. Saanich has 110,000 people living there. It has both rural plus urban communities on southern Vancouver Island. The area is highlighted by its miles of sandy beaches on numerous ocean bays. Along with the rocky outcropping carved by past glacial movement. The crime has increased in this area. It remains a relatively safe place to stay. For a family it’s a wonderful city. It has a low unemployment rate and quality schools available at all levels of education.

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