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Irvines Landing from Mt. Daniel Mount Daniel Irvines Landing from Mt. Daniel

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Mount Daniel Hiking Trail is situated between Garden Bay Lake on the northwest side and the ocean waters of Oyster Bay on the southeast side. The mountain is a popular scenic hike located on the lower half of the Sunshine Coast near the community of Pender Harbour, BC.

The mainly forested Mount Daniel Hiking Trail is a difficult trek uphill. Although hiking in the forest, often in the shade has its perks on a hot day. The reward is well worth the effort. The views from the top of the mountain include islets, channels and lakes like Garden Bay, Mixal and Katherine Lakes. Then there are "moon rings".

Mount Daniel Hiking Trail is an uphill climb covering 3-4 km (1.8 - 2.5 mi.) each way. The hike up the steep grade should take (1-2 hr ) to reach the peak. Coming back takes less time as you trek down the mountain. Injuries usually happen on the return trip down the mountain as the downward momentum creates speed resulting in falls and sprained ankles. Use the brakes!

To begin the Mount Daniel Hiking Trail, start walking up the dirt road of Garden Bay Road until the first junction. Stay left and the road will eventually turn into a trail leading up the mountain. Hikers should be in good condition with proper foot wear.

Like many aspects of British Columbia, there is a First Nation's history associated with Mt. Daniel on the Sunshine Coast. Legend tells us that the Sechelt First Nation people, at one time, used the peak of the mountain as a lookout for any approaching threats to their village.

The top of the mountain also was said to be referred to as "Kwiss Cham" by the local Sechelt First Nation people. It was this peak, "Kwiss Cham", that young maidens made their ceremonial rituals celebrating a "rite of passage" at puberty. Stones were laid in a large circle representing the moon. Legends say as night fell a ceremony would take place and each maiden would hold and caress every rock, as if talking to the moon, leaving a large circle of small rocks or 'Moon Rings' behind. A ritual of lunar cycles. You may find remnants of "moon rings" on your hike. Although many have been altered, which is a shame. Please do not disturb, this special historical BC place as the summit and the waterfront native cemetery are both protected archaeological sites.

Access to Mount Daniel Hiking Trail : Follow the Hwy101 past Sechelt, BC continue on north past Pender Harbour, 5km (3.4 mi.) north of Madeira Park, turn left on Garden Bay Road. Travel 3.5 km along this road. Turn onto the first dirt road on the left after Oyster Bay Road. Keep left for about 200 metres look for trailhead sign which reads "Mount Daniel Trail. Take a Hike!". Here is where the hiking rituals begin.

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